Just because we enjoy our work doesn’t mean we don’t fantasize about sitting beachside with a frozen drink, chatting about the weather as a warm breeze ruffles our Hawaiian shirts. (We do.)

To answer this urge, we held our bi-annual company outing at the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club in sunny Brooklyn, New York. Although roughly 1,200 miles away from the shores of South Florida, it looked and felt like we had been magically transported to a paradisiacal retirement community: think linen pants, droopy socks with sandals, bucket hats, cabanas, flamingo wallpaper, and shuffleboard-rule bickering.

Company outing 2

The evening started out with classic doo-wop on the sound system and delicious foods from Gorilla Cheese NYC. After a few hours, the black lights came on and our newest Customer Experience Associate (who moonlights as a DJ) beckoned people to the dance floor with hypnotizing beats from Juicy J and Lil Jon. (Just like in middle school, it took 15 girls to start dancing before the first guy “turnt up.”)

Company outing 5

Company outing 4


Photos by Marielle Sales

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