San Diego-based couple Chelsea and Philip Hansen are bringing new meaning to the idea of a book lamp. With their company Typewriter Bonyard, they sell handmade, vintage-inspired lighting. One of their most popular items, which would be right at home in our bus or office in New York, are the lamps crafted out of old books—they can sit flat on top of the books stacked on your bedside table and emit a wonderfully warm glow. 

Philip handles all of the hands-on crafting (which takes place right in their loft apartment), while Chelsea is responsible for developing new product ideas. He’ll arrive home at the end of the day and she’ll greet him by saying, “Babe, I sketched out some new lamps.” It’s then up to him to determine if it’s something he can actually create, and if so, he’ll set off to source his materials.

Pat’s Corner in San Diego is their go-to “junkyard type” place to find many of the things they need, and Baras Thrift Shop is where they pick up their old books (a rare occasion, since they have an overabundance stocked within their apartment).

The two began working on Typewriter Boneyard in 2010, with most of their sales driven through Etsy, Wantful and a couple of local boutiques. Just recently, they’ve began working on event and wedding installations—their hanging pendant lamps create the perfect romantic setting.

When not working on lamp designs, Chelsea is always sketching—after leaving another office just the day before, she returned home to draw out an entire new lighting plan for them, just because inspiration had struck.

Their Boston Terrier Patrick kept a watchful eye over the two as they tried on frames.

Chelsea and Philip will be at the Common Good Market with us this Saturday! They’ll be bringing a selection of their work and will have a small seating area illuminated by their hanging lights. Meet the two in person, and hopefully Patrick if they bring him along, from 11am-4pm at the event.

Chelsea is wearing the Percey in Charcoal Fade and Philip is wearing the Beckett in Striped Chestnut.

Photos by Collin Hughes


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