Reading Chuck Klosterman books (in general) is like wandering into a party and instantly locking in with the best conversationalist in the room. He is funny! But he is also profound! He asks questions in a way that subtly reframes the way you perceive the world! He is clearly a beacon of rarified knowledge—the sort of person who knows exactly where the good party snacks are located. (“Party snacks” is a metaphor.)

But What If We’re Wrong?” is Klosterman’s new book, and it delivers all of the above pleasures with many specific added bonuses. As we passed a copy around the office, we learned many useful nuggets. For example, did you know Herman Melville based “Moby-Dick” on the real-life 1839 account of a murderous sperm whale nicknamed “Mocha Dick”? This is a real thing, and it is emblematic of the sort of research Klosterman gleans for his book.

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