The Oscars are coming up and we’re feeling a double dose of silver-screen excitement. That’s because we’re kicking off our third consecutive year partnering with The Black List, an organization that highlights great screenwriting and helps budding scriptwriters get their work in front of filmmakers, buyers, and representatives. Since 2005, more than 300 Black List screenplays from the Annual Black List have been produced as feature films—264 of which have been nominated for Academy Awards and 48 have won (including Best Picture favorites “Slumdog Millionaire,” “The King’s Speech,” “Argo,” and “Spotlight”).

As part of our mission to highlight up-and-coming writers, we are proud to once again support Black List Live!, a series of readings featuring scripts dreamed up by stellar talent and, well, read aloud by an eclectic and always-changing cast of noteworthy actors. The really fun result: an intimate, behind-the-scenes experience that spotlights a slew of ultra-talented writers.

This year’s Black List Live! programming (which we’re giving three thumbs up) kicks off on Saturday, March 24 in L.A. with a reading of Ben Schwartz’s comedy “That Kind of a War.” As comedian Bob Hope arrives to entertain U.S. troops in The Korean War, the Chinese army invades, leaving Hope and his writers with one big question: What’s funny to guys who just found out they’re in World War III? Learn more here! (See you there?)

Photo courtesy of The Black List