TO MEET · 08/19/2013

Bachelor Farmer

“We didn’t want The Bachelor Farmer to feel like it was trying to be someplace else; we wanted it to be a restaurant that could only be in Minneapolis,” co-owner Eric Dayton explained of their restaurant that’s attracting crowds by the dozen. 

In just the short time we’ve spent in Minneapolis, we’ve really picked up on one thing—residents really love their city. Nearly 3,000 people showed up at The Bachelor Farmer for their 2nd annual Krafskiva, a true testament to the restaurant’s ability to bring the community together even more than they already are.

“We wanted to create a restaurant that showcases the very best of Minnesota,” Eric explained to us, “We try to accomplish this in the food that we serve and the local ingredients that we feature. He and his brother Andrew also thoughtfully selected their furniture and art, and wanted their architectural design to reflect the North Loop area where they reside.

The North Loop is full of businesses, while also being residential. “It’s full of beautiful historic buildings and cobblestone streets and is a wonderful part of town for walking. We recently raised money as a restaurant to help plant trees throughout the neighborhood, so it’s only getting better!” Eric told us enthusiastically.

In addition to those trees down at street level, they have a garden up on their rooftop—it allows them to supplement their menu with freshly picked ingredients (and also has an amazing view of the downtown skyline).

The menu itself is divided into three main categories: appetizers, toasts and entrees. “The toast section is a play on traditional Scandinavian smørrebrød, or open-faced sandwich. You can order a variety of dishes that are meant to be spread over our housemade bread, which we serve as an accompaniment in silver toast caddies,” Eric explained. This communal way of dining allows guests to sample a variety of new flavors, all of which are based upon the season.

To accompany the menu, their head bartender Pip Hanson has designed a special cocktail program. They reworked the drinks that are offered in the Marvel Bar downstairs. “The result is a pairing cocktail program with original drinks that are lower-proof so that they don’t overpower the food and can be enjoyed like a glass of wine,” Eric told us. Looking to end the night with something a little stronger? Marvel Bar, a beautiful and dimly lit space, is worth a visit too.

“It’s fun and inspiring to work with such creative people every day,” Eric said.

Eric is wearing the Griffin in Blonde Tortoise and Andrew is wearing the Paley in Revolver Black.

Photos by Collin Hughes

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