Next up in our Artists in Residence series, Teddy Thompson.

The British musician honed his musical talents as a young one. “My parents are both musicians, and my sister and I used to hang out backstage, making forts or tents. “ As a preteen, he decamped to Bedales, an English boarding school known for its encouragement of the arts, where he was surrounded by other children from creative families. That’s when it became “something I could do for a living. It was a possibility.”


Unlike Sophie, it wasn’t the guidance of a music teacher who jumpstarted his early training: “My love for language and the written word and poetry began with a couple of great English teachers and that informed a lot of my writing. I didn’t study too much music at school. It was mostly something I did myself.”

We sent Teddy to the Standard in New York’s East Village—just two blocks away from his apartment—for his residency. Not a problem though: “I was in the mindset to sequester myself so it didn’t make that much difference that I was so close to home.”

The biggest perk? “I seem to remember some sort of fantastic squash soup that I ordered—my compliments to the chef.”

Photos by Alden Wallace

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