Following Nikki Lane, our next Artists in Residence series: Sidd Khosla of Goldspot


He’s been at a musical career for awhile now, ever since he was a kid attending temple on Sundays: “I remember being six or seven years old, and my mom gave me the lyrics to this Indian song to sing. I became that kid who sang at temple, and every Sunday, my parents and my parents’ friends would say ‘Sing that song!’ and I would be mortified.”

Stage fright aside, Sidd continued playing in a band in high school and decided after graduating college to pursue music fulltime. “My best friend from home convinced me to go for it, so I did it!” he told us. “At that point I realized there was nothing else in my life that I was going to do. If this is what I’m going to do, I better be really good at it.” (He is. Evidence below.)


For his residency, the musician hung out at The Standard, High Line, a deviation from his usual work routine. “Most of my writing is done in the same environment as where I live. Being able to go out somewhere to write and create is rare.”

For us, working so close to bed is a habit that leads straight to napping, but Sidd found the opposite: “If I was inspired in the middle of the night I could get out of bed and work. That happened a few times.”


Impressive work ethic and skills. Thanks, Sidd!

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Photos by Alden Wallace