Anthology Magazine‘s San Francisco-based team took some time to chat with us before we left the Bay Area. With a publication that features amazing local artists and makers, and includes a travel component, the team knew exactly where to send us during our last few days in town.

First of all, we met at Flora Grubb, a place that their team often gathers for an afternoon of work. It’s a small oasis outside of downtown—a garden center filled with rows of greenery and a few scattered tables. Plus, there’s a quaint coffee shop inside. It’s the perfect combination to make for a few pleasant hours away from a desk.

For venturing just outside of the city, Copy Editor Kate Woodrow would send us to Oakland. A recent issue included a story featuring “the other city by the bay,” which lead them to discover some of the area’s best restaurants, bars and shops. A few noteworthy stops to make: Pizzaiolo, Ramen Shop and Commonwealth for food, and Marion & Rose’s, Good Stock and Umami Market for shopping. All are just a quick trip across the bay!

Now that we’re up north in Portland, Sponsorship Manager Nancy Cho is pointing us toward the Museum of Contemporary Craft for an afternoon outing. She’s also suggested that we seek out Churchkey Can Co. “They brew a pilsner and sell it in an old school can that requires a church key to open it,” she explained to us. Considering Portland’s love for beer, we don’t doubt that Churchkey is an amazing option.

According to Kate, we’ll be doing a lot of eating up in Portland. “You can plan your entire trip around food,” she told us, “Rent a car or bike and schedule your day going from meal to meal (and coffee to coffee, then cocktail to cocktail). And, especially in Portland, the shops are very well curated with wares from local artisans.”

As we keep traveling, we’ll be turning to issues of Anthology for must-see spots along the way. In searching for new things to experience and people to meet, we’ll be putting Creative Director Meg Mateo Ilasco’s advice to good use: “Keeping your eyes and ears open, as well as word of mouth, is huge if you’re trying to find out about people and places that are a bit under the radar.”

Nancy is wearing the Walden in Obsidian, Kate is wearing the Crane in Mallard Green and Meg is wearing the Tenley in Burgundy Fade.

Photos by Collin Hughes

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