Artists and hotels, it turns out, are a pretty good pairing—and we’re not referring to the overturned lamps, clawed walls, and shredded bedding mentioned in the requisite trashed suite anecdote in any rock ‘n’ roll magazine article.

Joan Didion conceived the idea for Play It As It Lays in a Vegas hotel lobby. Andy Warhol sat in hotel lobbies and people-watched. Being cloistered away from one’s usual comforts alongside fellow sojourners does wonders for stirring up the imagination.

Randall Poster and Standard Sounds’ Annie Ohayon handpicked Nikki Lane, Sophie Auster, Cillie Barnes, Goldspot’s Sidd Khosla, and Teddy Thompson to receive a four-day residency at one of The Standard hotels, with all worldly necessities—transportation, meals, super-fluffy towels, photographer and videographer, studio time—provided. During their stay, each artist produced two songs inspired by their surroundings to be released on a 7” record by Standard Sounds x Warby Parker and sold during the holiday season at select Warby Parker stores and The Standard Shop with royalties from sales going directly to the artists.

Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes content.

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