Annabel Ly of Blushing Ambition and Ornithes is a true Californian—she grew up in the LA area and after 18 years there moved to Berkeley for school, then to San Francisco. Her days are spent at the offices of True & Co., where she handles social media, email marketing and graphic design.

With a blog focused on both fashion and food, we asked Annabel for some of her go-to spots within the city.

With her office in SOMA, most of her time during the week is spent there—and she’s searched endlessly for a handful of amazing eateries. For lunch, Split Pea Seduction is her go-to spot. “The menu changes regularly since they use seasonal ingredients so it’s become a habit to check it every morning,” she told us. Always on the menu: split pea soup.

We met Annabel at Sightglass Coffee, another spot that she frequents during the week. It’s perfect for both a quick caffeine fix or sit down meeting. “Since there’s no wi-fi or power outlets the large open space is perfect for unwinding when you spend as much time as I do on a computer,” she explained.

Annabel always points her friends visiting from out of town to Zuni Cafe for dinner, “I always tell people that they can’t leave SF without trying their chicken for two which is always roasted to perfection every time I dine there.”

When it comes to shopping, Annabel has a couple of favorite spots in the Mission: Painted Bird and Afterlife. “I like to describe Painted Bird in the Mission as a mix between a selective consignment store (without the high prices) and thrift shop (without the hours of searching through racks of clothing),” she told us. They have a great eye for buying amazing vintage and consignment pieces that are still budget-friendly. Afterlife is also great for vintage, especially perfectly worn tees.

She also loves one of our favorite spots in the city—Rare Device! She began to frequent the shop while in college, as it was the only spot that she could find that carried MMMG planners from Korea. It’s become even more convenient to visit them now that they’re based in her neighborhood, “I don’t think I’ve bought a greeting card anywhere else but there since they moved to the area a year ago!”

With just a few weeks left in the city and Annabel’s list in hand, we have a lot of exploring to do!

Annabel is wearing the Neville in Blue Marblewood

Photos by Nick Fay

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