ICYMI, earlier last week, we rereleased the eyeglasses we designed in collaboration with Amanda de Cadenet *and* Amanda also released her first book, It’s Messy. Double the cause for celebration!

Ahead of the big rerelease day, we threw a few questions Amanda’s way. Read on for her favorite reading spots on both coasts, her advice for young writers, and the most surreal moment in her career to date.

I grew up reading: history books about Queen Boudellia and Queen Victoria.

I grew up writing: narrative stories. I had an English teacher that said the only thing I was any good at is writing and I should probably look at a career in writing!

My favorite spot to read in L.A. is: my garden in Los Angeles. It’s peaceful and (sometimes) quiet.

My favorite spot to read in New York is: my hotel room.

The best cure for writer’s block is: talking! Thinking too hard on a subject can drive you crazy, but talking through things is very cathartic.

I tell young writers: to not listen to publishers.

Every time I’m in New York I: need to meditate.

The most pinch-myself moment in my career thus far has been: when the first female presidential candidate agreed to do her first broadcast interview with me.

Photographer, TV host, producer, author…the next title I’ll add to my business card is: I hope advocate is already on there, as my work with women in photography and film is very important to me, and fighting for gender equality is an ongoing commitment.

I’m always: busy.

I’m never: available.

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