Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a magazine that covered EVERYTHING you wanted to know about in the sharpest and funniest way with no boring articles, no stupid topics, no pictures of reality TV stars, and no perfume samples combining their odors in a miasmic cloud that pollutes the air around you while you (try to) read? Well, there IS a magazine like that. It is called n+1, and it is our secret weapon. (We carry it in our stores, and you can buy it online too.)

n+1 started publishing in Brooklyn in 2004, and it contains some of the smartest pieces ever written on topics like pop music, TV, dating, email, global warming, Gawker and Elena Ferrante. Among others. One of the four founding editors of n+1 is Mark Greif, a critic and writer whose new essay collection Against Everything is out now. (Pictured above—nice cover eh?)

Against Everything contains some of his finest pieces from n+1, along with his finest pieces from other publications. The essays cover reality television, food, Nas, the cultural significance of gyms, adolescence, Octomom (remember her?), the meaning of life, and like a thousand other things of critical importance. Each piece is devastatingly enjoyable. We recommend with all of our hearts / brains / other organs!

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