What better way to visit some of DC’s best local shopping spots than with one of it’s most fashionable residents? We recruited blogger Meg Biram to take us around town for an afternoon to a few of her favorite boutiques—Urban Chic, Wink and charm. Meg, who already owns her own pair of Warby Parker Colton frames, was excited to try out a few new styles and style a couple of outfits to wear with each pair. 

First order of business for Meg: to select a couple of pairs of frames to work with during our time together. She’s petite, so needed a narrower style, but still wanted to find something fun and unique. For the outfit she’d be styling at Urban Chic, she opted to go with the Chandler—it ended up being the perfect fit, a bit rounder than her current pair and has the added details of the keyhole bridge and silver temple pieces.

In Urban Chic, she combed through the racks and pulled a few items, but the one that she held on to through the end was a slightly oversized red Vince sweater. The chunky knit would be perfect for Meg to wear to cozy up at home and work for the day, but could also be paired with heels for a quick meeting, coffee date or happy hour cocktail. She wore it

Our next stop was Wink, where Meg recently hosted an event. We were really excited to stop in, since we had been parked just down the street from the boutique in Georgetown, but hadn’t taken any time during our lunch breaks to make a stop. We climbed into our Ford Escape and we were off!

At Wink, Meg decided to go with an even bolder frame, the Sloan in Rum Cherry. With the holidays quickly approaching, she thought it would be perfect to include a more festive option. She pulled a handful of highly detailed tops, covered in sequins, and a couple of pairs of metallic and printed pants, but the little black dress won out in the end (as it often does). The lace paneled Rebecca Taylor dress could be worn to any number of holiday parties, and would be perfect for date night. The simple silhouette pairs perfectly with a statement making pair of frames.


Still thinking along the lines of outfits for an evening out, Meg also put together a look for a night out with her girlfriends—a pair of the metallic J. Brand jeans that she originally selected, a simple black top, a green necklace for a pop of color and the classic Percey frames in Charcoal Fade.

Added bonus: we made friends with this little guy while waiting for Meg to change.

We had a few minutes to make one last stop at Charm down the street, a tiny accessories shop filled with all sorts of bits and baubles. We loved the outfit that Meg stepped out of the house in that morning, so she decided it could be nice to swap out some of her current jewelry for a few new pieces.

We’ll be taking some tips out of Meg’s book as we prep our holiday outfits to work with our frames, and as we shop for our friends and family during the rest of our stay in DC!

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