“My designs are Texas glam meets festival life meets Western charm,” Tamar Wider explains of her jewelry and accessories line The Two Bandits.

Tamar grew up in Texas during the eighties, taking style inspiration from her mom who was always done up and decked out in jewels. Her personal style when it comes to design takes an element of that glitz and mixes it with rustic, earthy materials and geometric shapes.

Two Bandits designs have made appearances in the many “Coachella Ready” fashion guides popping up across the internet, but Tamar’s musical inspiration goes back to a time before festival attendees were on the lookout for street style photographers. She grew up listening to Phish, The Dead and Crosby, Stills and Nash. “My latest collection is inspired by Joni Mitchell,” she explained while setting out various metal cuffs and necklaces. “But she’s always an inspiration.”

With her dad in the diamond industry and a flare for creating, Tamar spent a few years in Israel studying gemology. While interested in the study and appreciative of the stones, she sought a more creative outlet. A stint at FIT in New York lead her to designing her own pieces, beginning with boot accessories.

As a native Texan, she’s always in boots. On the day that we met, her hair was slightly tousled in true Joni Mitchell fashion, offset by clean white overalls, a suede fringed jacket and boots. And jewelry, of course.

Tamar’s accessories (including her newly added leather belts) can work with an outfit like her own, or with something more refined to add a Western kick.

Tamar is wearing the Clyde in Blue Marblewood and Edgeworth in English Oak

Photos by Collin Hughes

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