In celebration of our 50 Ways to Lose Your Glasses launch, we solicited our employees’ own stories of eyewear-gone-astray. There were a bunch—82, in fact—and we rewarded the most outstanding/devastating of them with this here t-shirt.

Illustration by John Lee

A few winners (or losers of sorts, too, if you think about it):

Donated to an overwhelmed bartender.

While on a late night excursion home from a Warby Parker event, I lost the glasses right off my face on the B train!

Flushed down toilet while mourning death of goldfish.

I forgot they were on my face, and looked for them for approximately 15 minutes.

This one time at the Hoover Dam I was afraid my glasses would fall off my face, so I hung them on my shirt collar and looked over the edge… and then they fell off my shirt and into the Hoover Dam.

While backpacking with a friend through Rocky Mountain National Park, I tripped over a fallen pine tree and lost my sunglasses in a pile of moss.

My dad “lost” my glasses when I was 8, because he didn’t think I looked intimidating enough on the soccer field with them on.

I left them in an old jacket, which was lost in an old box, which was lost in an old closet.

(Here’s where you can get your very own copy of 50 Ways to Lose Your Glasses!)

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