Who better to ask about D.C. culture and events than Svetlanta Legetic, founder of Brightest Young Things? Her web magazine covers anything and everything in the area: events, culture, go-to restaurants, new openings, and nightlife. The site will help you entertain your friends and fill your calendar to the brim. And if your parents are visiting for the weekend—they’ve got you covered there too.

We accompanied Svetlana to check out a couple of her favorite D.C. bars to cozy up in this winter.

You handle a lot of different content on BYT. Where do we start?

We always say the ideal way to use BYT is to live your life on it and approach it rabbit hole-style. For example, you could start by reading about a great show in the music section, then you wonder where to grab dinner beforehand or drinks after, so you head over to the food section. Then you think, ‘Oh wait, my mom is in town and I want to take her to a gallery and fancy brunch, and if I just click on this button, that will help.’ It should all flow one from the other.


Your personal schedule seems just as full. How many of those events either thrown by or promoted on BYT do you end up attending?

I’d say I attend 98.8 percent of our BYT Presents events—unless I am out of town or there is an emergency, I will be there. Otherwise, I probably go out three or four nights a week. The rest of the week I very actively work to not leave my couch.


Where will we find you on a day off?

I am a big fan of eating and drinking, so I am always trying to find a new favorite spot—some of the recent ones are Eat the Rich, Etto, Rose’s Luxury and Doi Moi. Add a good movie and some impulse retail and/or art therapy, and I am in heaven. Also, you can always find me on my couch.


When do you spend an evening at 1905, one of your favorite bars to visit this season?

We always do our Beaujolais (a French wine) event there. I celebrated my birthday there this year and in general, I feel very much at home there. It’s within a couple of blocks of DC9 and 9:30 Club, so it’s a great spot for a bite before the show or drinks after one.


How about Jack Rose?

I live across the street from it, so it is literally my other living room. Granted, my couch is not there but pretty much everything else is. I like to come in on off nights and order a perfect Old Fashioned.

Photos by Collin Hughes

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