A desk can tell you a lot about a person, and these are the stories of our favorites. (Desks, that is. And also people.) 

Benjamin Gable, Copywriter


Dum Dums

“For me, being a productive writer depends on a unique mixture of iced coffee and candy. I would claim this to be a secret formula for success, but I probably shouldn’t recommend this to anyone.”


Vintage surf magazine

“I’m always looking for inspiration when naming collections or frames. Sometimes you find it in some pretty unexpected places, say a surf magazine from 1972. How could you not like the name Buttons Kaluhiokalani?”



“I recently turned the page in adulthood where I started buying multiples of the same item. If you know what you love, why not stick with it? Uh, I’m officially my dad. Anyways, the Downing frame is my favorite.”


Random props

“Little secret, we copywriters get to choose the props for all of the blog stories. Here are a few good ones that just arrived. (Side note: I’ll sneak Elvis into our blog as much as possible.)”


Jack Kerouac

“I’ve always been a pretty big Kerouac fan. To stay inspired, I keep one of his books within an arm’s reach of my keyboard.”


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